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Thanks for stopping in to refresh. Join us every time you wish to renew your energies. 

Who do we serve?

We reach out to small tots, children and adults face when they, their parents, relatives, friends, coworkers, bosses, or lovers are out of control; perhaps the habits take every resource available to twelve or more family or friends in their path. Internationally entire countries are controlled by situations which feed the habits, costing all societies immense sums  as even the leaders of the most affluent nations are addicted to easy money. On a local basis, we know children and families with needs beyond their control, which call out for help.

EAPSAP is part of self-sustaining nonprofit led by Psychotherapist Kenneth Koym. We seek new blood and invite you to join and to take us to new heights.

After hours and hours of skull practice and reworking our vision and EAP-SAP accumulated new energy, and leadership. Today we focus our services on students and employees affected by the addictions so all in society could benefit.

What services do we provide?

Our support groups provide life-sustaining support for the hurting, the recovering addict and/or codependent who awaken from their denials and seek to overcome what controls them. In situation after situation, volunteers function as:

Disputes are mediated and mediations are used to open the way for students and employees to enjoy schools and workplaces. New positive hybrids are grown. Where violence enters schools and the workplace, EAP-SAP interventions are used to effectively change the face of entire communities. But, someone must start the ball rolling time after time. That is why EAP-SAP came into existence and why we ask you to participate and to support our programs, including our research activities. Millions have benefited  from methods found to be tried and true. But, enough has not occurred. You are needed!

We invite you to be a part of this vision of a world where people seek peace and wish to live in harmony. We believe this will come when the hurting decide they are part of the cause. Let us serve the dire needs that exist among us all across the world!

Copyright by Kenneth Koym reserved in 1991.

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