Building a Community-based Commitment

When will EAP-SAP’s job be finished? Answering this question depends on how many communities those infected by our enthusiasm will reach out to; probably until the end of time there will be addicts. I believe our approach provides a tremendous means for reducing the hurts felt. Little by little larger and larger parcels of society can be bettered. But, we must be realistic as the nature of humankind is hard to turn around. Efforts that focus on reducing hurting people who are alone is achievable, however, new cases will be found decade after decade. We urge it's time to back the silent majority and to offer humane alternatives honoring those with integrity. Untiring Leadership & Dedication Is Needed: One worker associated with EAP-SAP contributed 47-thousand+ hours in multiple roles; this brought international awards including one from Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office; it caused the National Crusade Against Crime & Violence to be applied nationwide from late 1997 to June 2001. Two books describe concepts speaking to EAP-SAP goals: one in English: Linking Employee Assistance Programs with Student Assistance Programs Against Addictions to Drugs, Alcohol, Codependency & Greed Dependencies and one in Spanish Los Programas para estudiantes y empleados en contra dependencias a las drogas, alcohol, juegos de la mesa y codicia. Few other agencies possess such experience. But sale and distribution of the latter requires resources.

Inquiries, volunteers and supporters are welcome. Please help us create special communities on behalf of hurting people who feel all alone.

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