The EAP-SAP Vision

Student Assistance Program - SAPs shall be confidential:

  • Life buoys designed to keep youth afloat
  •  Societal forces that propel buoyant youth to greatness
  • Mentors or helpful bystanders who provide hope, focus and guidance
  • Sanguine sources for developing character, soundness, and health temperaments
  •  Stability & equilibrium in the light of controversy and insanity found in homes where the hurting live
  •  Grounding for producing ascenders in the face of the isolation which youth and adults face alone before  interventions get set up for them

Employee Assistance Program - EAPs shall:

  • Aid individuals, groups and businesses with confidential avenues for restoring a will to participate in life with inner strength and desire to be fully functioning.
  • Foster environments and help adults out of control or dysfunctional to face needs constructively so small tots, children, relatives, friends, coworkers, bosses, or spouses see them as wholesome contributors.
  • Salvage resources previously unavailable to twelve or more family or friends.
  • Work towards decreasing crimes, violence or greed attributed to addictions and addictive behavior.
  • Initiate and foster public relations and advertising that helps addicts to alcohol, drugs, sex, easy money, etc., or with addictive life styles and uncontrollable habits to redirect their lives.
  • Provide professional assistance to companies, public agencies, institutions, and individuals in all phases of public awareness education; crime, violence and chemical dependency prevention; and to increase public knowledge and awareness of the respective care or development.


EAPSAPís Vision presumes a vast international need exists to grow leaders and humane development approaches in cross-cultural arenas the world over. Economic strategies, cooperation and humane approaches must be implemented to grow the world out of tough straits. Business development alternatives are needed. Rather than declare war on poppy seed, marijuana and cocoa growers, a need exists to work with the farmers and their drug-producing associates who market the drug yields. Farmers must be carefully re-oriented to earn livelihoods in other ways. Farmers and business associates must be helped to see risk-free, income-producing alternatives that yield equal and/or higher profits; incentives must be offered not to grow plants which yield drugs.

Affiliate Chapters of

University, secondary schools and company-based chapters may be originated if an appropriately licensed professional supervises such Chapter. Please contact us if you wish to create an official relationship with our programs.

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