Welcome to EAPSAP Inc's Disaster Relief programs.

We placed this agency at the discretion of area governments in hopes of rendering crisis counseling, disaster recovery skills strengthening relief for entrepreneurs and family members, community-based organizations, schools; and stimulating the hurt local economies and recreating local societies.

It's time to help victims to rebuild lives, businesses and homes. Given the resources we lead teams of specialists committed to the goals and objectives. To help them rebuild, rekindle small businesses, groom inner strength and to seek peace and prosperity, it is time to work together.

Lay persons and professionals associated with Dialoguemakers.org and EAPSAP.org wish to have an impact  in Disaster relief effort in keeping with contracts sought on/after Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike. Our volunteer coordinators observe an abundance of persons have met the demand for the time being. But fund raising shall continue so crisis counseling, disaster recovery training and community rebuilding and stabilization may continue. Disaster Relief work is underway and our raising is coupled with the Bush Clinton Disaster Fund. Our planners and on site services contingents will be posted on this web site as they arise.

Our Disaster Relief efforts are dedicated to 1) grow jump start and family strengthening bounce-back skills; 2) re-grow businesses, entrepreneurs, community-based organizations, schools; and 3) stimulate the hurt local economies and recreating local societies.

Given the resources we offer to bring aid to Gulf Coast communities and to back stop recovery efforts, offer training for regrowing local initiatives, businesses, rekindling the dreams of entrepreneurs, providing trauma and stress relief counseling and large and small project coordination.

Saying this, we reach out to those who experienced needs in a Gulf Coast  and use the strengths and energy of residents who are returning. We do not have the personnel standing ready and available. Our personnel are intent on being forces for rallying the skills and energy of the communities that were damaged. We believe among those who went through the destruction lie the greatest knowledge and motivation needed to lead the rebuilding efforts. This agency is open to support that effort.

Click on the next line to learn how your state or a nonprofit may apply for Crisis Counseling Resource Development guidelines or recent Public Assistance Grants.

Don't knock our limited capabilities. Recall sometimes volunteers end up walking to fulfill promises.  Regardless our lay volunteers and  helping professionals are intent upon fulfilling field organizer roles, completing critical tasks and gaining important results. Some can only do this from their homes or places of work. This reflects constraints all face in an economically strapped society.

Help us create communities that surround the hurting who fled to bare unforseen demands on themselves and  their loved ones. We submit disaster victims now shudder at what hit them but working together many more may now furnish help needed  to bring about recoveries and businesses that are jump started out of nothingness and a dream to come back alive..

Inquiries, volunteers and supporters are welcome. Kindly respond to this call for help by contacting us and contributing your time and/or resources. Help us make it happen! First provide your name and email address. Then please click Submit Query so you may prepare an email, and tell how we may help make the hurricane recovery happen.



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